What kind of gift cards can I order?
The gift cards are orderable in the following amounts € 10,00, € 20,00, € 25,00 en € 50,00.

For how long are the gift cards valid?
The gift cards are valid for 1 year from the purchase date.

How do I use my gift cards?
You can use your gift card on www.R-Rebels.nl en www.R-Rebels.com to for the payment or partial payment of articles. Fill in your unique gift card number in the payment envoirment. The gift cards need to be spent at once.

How do I get my gift card delivered?
U can choose to receive a digital gift card or a gift card by postal mail. Both delivery options are free.

Can I return or exchange my gift card for money?
No, it is not possible to return your gift card or exchange it for money. 


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